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Fifteen (15) strange facts about cats

 Fifteen (15) strange facts about cats

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Cats are the closest animals to humans and they are pets that live with people Here are 15 strange facts about cats that you know:

1- Cats make a roar-like sound when they feel comfortable and reassured, and even when they are sick. But the surprise is that this sound, which is called purring or purring, promotes muscle and bone health and speeds up their recovery. It's truly amazing!

2- Contrary to popular belief, cow's milk is very harmful to cats so it should be completely avoided for their safety.

3- The cat can only move its jaws up and down. Unlike a human who can move the jaws to the sides.

4- Cats have three eyelids.

5- The cat spends seventy percent of its life sleeping. Perhaps that is why it is the most breeding animal in homes!

6- Raising cats reduces the incidence of cardiac arrest and heart disease by a third.

7- Meow adult cats only to communicate with their owners and not to talk to each other.

8- Cats use their mustaches to measure distances and see if they can pass from somewhere or not.

9- The cat catches mice or birds and introduces them to you, thinking that they teach you to hunt.

10 - Cats had an important place when the pharaohs where they were expressing their grief over the death of a cat by shaving the eyebrows as they embalmed cats after their death and kept in special graves.

11- Cats can hunt in complete darkness thanks to their amazing sense of sight.

12- The sense of hearing in cats is stronger than dogs and they have 200 odor receptors, which makes them one of the best hunters in the animal world.


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