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Actions of cats and their meanings


Actions of cats and their meanings

You've probably thought a lot before about learning new languages. That's great anyway. But have you ever thought about speaking cat language?! ... Yes, don't be surprised, cats are good at talking about their own feelings and wishes, what they love and hate and also express their resentment but in their own way. If you're wondering, "How do I talk to cats?" take a short tour to learn about cat behavior and meanings, and you've added a new and fun language to yourself. Every gesture, movement and sound made by the cat equals a different meaning.

What are the actions of cats and their meanings

Do not imagine that your cat is making any movement in vain. Every movement a cat makes is meaningful, and expresses an intended meaning. A cat may express hunger, thirst, sadness, anger and more through its voice or movements. Your cat's seemingly strange behavior may indicate that she is pregnant, sick or even depressed. So you should never overlook the actions of cats and their signals that they send you.

Cat sounds and their meanings

1- Meow: It is the natural voice of the cat, and you use it to greet often, if your cat issues meow when you see you, know that it loves you and greets you.

2- Some low sounds such as whispers and grunts: It is considered a language of communication between the cat and its children or other cats in the house. Sometimes she uses it to communicate with her children to follow her, or as a secret conversation between her and other cats, so you will hear it a lot if you have many cats at home. If your cat addresses you in this way, she may want you to follow her to her food place.

3- Cat purring: This has several interpretations: you may use it as an expression of happiness, especially if it is a baby cat. Or to express gratitude. Maybe your cat uses it because she feels she needs your care. Or for her sense of illness and discomfort. It is preferable to see a doctor if these sounds are repeated frequently.

4- Sometimes cats make sounds that resemble spit: this is a sign of their anger and annoyance. Or cats sometimes use it in case of extreme fear or aggression. In short, this sound indicates that your cat's psyche is not okay either because it feels fear, sadness or anger. So you have to pay attention to this point and see what is bothering her and try to fix it and reassure her in case of fear.

5- Crying: Yes, cats make sounds similar to crying if they are depressed. Sometimes you hear the sound of a cat crying when sad and sick. You probably also heard that sound on the day your cat was born!

6- Meowing loudly: especially if it is accompanied by wallowing in the ground. Or accompanied by abundant cat discharge and swelling of the genital area. All these symptoms together indicate that the cat is now in its estrus cycle (i.e. the mating period) and the cat makes these sounds as a call to the males that their mating season has arrived.

Cat movements and their meanings in pictures

After knowing the sounds of cats and their meanings, we can now move on to interpreting cat movements with pictures:

1- Litter box problems: You will definitely get very upset if your cat takes her litter out of the litter box prepared for it. But you should know that your cat never intends to bother you by doing these things, cats are too simple to think about these tricks. Problems with urination and defecation outside the litter box are often related to psychological problems in the cat. Excessive fear and discomfort, or sadness and depression, for example, are all causes that may lead to this behavior. Sometimes this behavior is also a symptom of diabetes or kidney problems, so if this behavior is repeated continuously and you do not know what the reason is, consult a doctor.

2- Movements related to the estrus cycle in female cats: The estrus cycle (ovulation-fertility period) is repeated in female cats once every 3 weeks, and is accompanied by several behavioral symptoms that you may think a little strange, but you will get used to them: The cat in this period is unbalanced, so you may notice signs of anxiety or hyperactivity. Perhaps she becomes very friendly or loses appetite. This period is completely uncomfortable for your cat.

3- Solution: Provide a quieter environment for your cat. You can provide your cat with a warm towel, for example, or distract her by playing until this 5-day period is over. In doing so, you have relieved your cat's discomfort and anxiety.

4- Scratching: I do not see any wonder in it. Cats scratch almost everything, even the male, when mating. Your cats may scratch the foundation or scratch you personally. There are many reasons for scratching cats, they are not a strange thing. But the reason for this may be the cat's sadness or depression.

5- Itching: Although cats often clean themselves, you must notice the difference between cleaning and itching. Most of the time, itching indicates a problem with the cat's skin, or a disease that may be contagious. So if your cat itches, you should see a doctor urgently and urgently. Especially also if there are other children or cats that come into contact with them.

6- Cats biting their owner: Although biting is a very bad behavior, and it may be painful for the owner of the cat and those who are bitten, cats sometimes use it as a way to play and express love. They may use it to satisfy their hunting instinct as they are originally wild animals. She may do this out of her excessive sense of pain. Or she uses biting as a way to discharge her pent-up energy, especially if she is depressed.

When your cat is doing some of you, you have to take a firm stance, and deter it from this bad act because you are an educator and responsible for correcting behavior. If you are unable to correct your cat's behavior, you should consult a professional trainer. Here are some tips that may help you correct this behavior:

1. First you need to visit a veterinarian to rule out organic diseases. Cats may bite if they become ill and the pain intensifies.

2. Satisfying the hunting instinct of cats: If biting is due to their desire to hunt and satisfy their instinct, the best solution here is to play with them using balls for at least 10 minutes a day. This method is useful in discharging its energy. It also contributes to satisfying its hunting instinct.

3. If your cat has bitten you while playing or at any time. Look at her strictly and say "no" out loud

4. If the cat is not deterred and bites you again, stop playing immediately and stay away from it completely. This method is very effective for your cat to understand that you have limits that must not be breached.

5. Whenever the cat repeats the bite during play, repeat the disappearance from it. You will then know that biting is not playing, and the number of bites will gradually decrease until the cat stops this behavior.

It should be borne in mind that a cat's bite is very harmful because its saliva and teeth contain bacteria. So in case your cat bites you or scratches you. You should disinfect the wound well so as not to get damaged. If you have itching or pain during or after a bite, or notice that the wound is large, you should consult your doctor Immediately so that the symptoms do not worsen and cause you big problems.

If there are children in the house: Make sure that their body is in a healthy condition and free from cat scratches or bites. If your cat bites a lot, keep the children away. A bite, especially one accompanied by cat saliva, is more toxic to children under 5 years of age.

Moves that cats love

There are moves that cats love whether they like to do them themselves. Or she likes you to introduce it to her. There is no doubt that she loves to sleep and loves to play, but there are other things that cats love that you may not know:

1- Massaging the cats' head and caressing their body is one of the movements that cats love the most. They are beings who love attention and therefore feel terribly happy when given attention in this way.

2- Cats love to play in running water. She likes to tap for standing water. You may have noticed that your cat prefers to drink from the tap rather than through the water pots placed in front of it. Fortunately, there are a lot of cat toy companies that produce a small fountain dedicated to cats to play and drink. If you could provide this fountain for your cat Stone, you would do her a great favor!

3- Cats are wild creatures in their origin, so they love climbing and playing on heights. It's nice to see your cat play and jump over objects as it makes the house fun but maybe resents the losses it can cause to furniture. To avoid these losses, give your cat climbing tools provided by cat supply stores. You can also play with it with a ball with a rope. Or if you have a garden at home, your cat will be happy about it!

Now we can say "congratulations" in these few minutes I learned a new language that is considered one of the most funny, funniest and most emotionally filled languages. In this article, we have included for you an overview of the behavior of cats and their meanings so that you can play with your cat and understand it easily and easily.


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